Many veterans and active duty service members alike will recognize that, while they put in the effort and time serving our country, their spouses also play a huge role—both while active duty and after separating or retiring. With all the work and effort they put in, often behind the scenes, spouses deserve recognition as well. After all, they’re the ones who care for the kids and keep the house safe throughout each deployment, organize most of the necessities for PCS, and so much more. Without their assistance, many of our nation’s servicemen and women wouldn’t be able to do their jobs well or at all. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs understands this just as well as the rest of us, which is why they offer a variety of services and benefits for military spouses. If you or a loved one is the spouse of an honorably discharged veteran, there are a range of different veteran services offered by the government to support spouses throughout life. Those services include:

Finding Home

The military lifestyle regularly uproots families and sends them across the nation—and occasionally across the globe. After so many years of frequent moves, it makes sense that the Department of Veterans Affairs helps military families come home. To do this, the V.A. offers assistance with home financing. Essentially, the same home loan programs that are available to qualifying veterans are available to surviving spouses. Whether you’re looking for a loan to purchase a home or you’re interested in refinancing your mortgage for a lower interest rate, the V.A. Home Loans program may be able to help.

Staying Healthy

How often have you shaken a fist at TRICARE because of the number of hurdles necessary before you can make an appointment? And let’s not get started on the hassle involved in trying to get a last minute appointment off base approved by TRICARE. Yet, despite the hassles, that healthcare coverage can be invaluable, especially after separating or retiring. There are a range of different healthcare services available to veteran spouses, though qualification for the various programs will generally be contingent on certain eligibility requirements. Primary healthcare options are, generally, TRICARE or CHAMPVA.

Preparing for the Future

As a veteran, most service members can opt to convert their S.G.L.I. to V.G.L.I. after separation. Likewise, any coverage they have for family members can be converted upon separation, without proof of good health. There are also death benefits available to those who participate in V.A. life insurance programs, as well as financial counseling and will preparation services to help veterans and spouses plan for the future.

These aren’t the only veteran services available to spouses, either. Stay tuned for part two of our blog series for even more benefits you or your loved one may be eligible for, like the Aid and Attendance Pension. If you’re looking for help filing for veteran benefits or spousal benefits, Patriot Angels is here to help. We offer navigation assistance, advice, and even legal representation to ensure you’re getting the most you are eligible for from the various veteran services. Contact our team today to get started.