Every veteran has sacrificed something for the freedom of our country. It is only fair that veterans receive the benefits that they need to maintain a comfortable means of living, but how many veterans are entirely unaware of the benefits that are available to them?

Patriot Angels is dedicated to helping veterans make the most of the different benefits they qualify for. We make the process of finding out which benefits you are eligible for quick and easy. Our dedicated team strives to provide quality customer service so that we can find ways to provide our veterans with the means to live their best life.

In today’s blog, we are going to touch on a few of the benefits available to veterans that are either forgotten or are benefits that people don’t often know about. Let’s dive right in!

Long-Term Care

Having to stay in a nursing home or assisted living facility gets very expensive, very fast. The Aid and Attendance program provides veterans with the assistance that they need to help cover the cost of long-term care that they need.  Some couples can receive upwards of $25,000 a year and, while it might not be enough to fully cover the cost of long-term care, it can definitely make it more affordable.

This long-term care benefit is also available to the survivors of passed veterans. Spouses can be eligible for up to around $13,000 a year in terms of long-term care costs. This is a significant amount of coverage that could drastically change the life of a veteran or their spouse.

Caregiver & At Home Care Assistance

While we are on the topic of care, let’s talk about the benefits that cover caregivers or at home care professionals. In the case that a veteran is staying in their home and receiving care or that is what they’d like to do in terms of long-term care, there are benefits that could help provide support.

It’s essential that we note that any support for caregivers and at-home care is not going to come in the form of financial assistance. Rather, the Department of Veterans Affairs will provide a support program that offers free resources and professionals that can help ensure that any caregivers working with veterans are adequately equipped and able to provide quality care.

GI Bill Transfers

One of the perks of being in the military is the GI Bill. This bill provides active military members and veterans alike with the ability to further their education with financial assistance. While the GI Bill is a benefit all of its own, veterans do have the option to transfer their GI Bill. While there are some limitations, most GI Bills can be transferred to either the spouse or dependents of the veteran.

Work With Patriot Angels

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