Death is a natural part of life. While you might have been diligent in the care of your ailing veteran, their passing may still come as an abrupt surprise. The loss of someone you care about can leave you feeling awash in unfamiliar or uncomfortable emotions. Grieving is part of celebrating the life of your passed loved one.

While grieving keep these ideas in mind, and practice some of the items we’ve outlined below to help you remember your passed loved one.

Remember That Grief is a Gradual Process

After a loved one passes away, you might feel an immediate sense of loss or pain. With time, these feelings lessen in their intensity and frequency. During these first few days or weeks, it’s important to keep in mind that there’s no “right” way to grieve. However, you choose to honor the legacy of your loved one is appropriate.

That said, it’s important to continue to care for yourself during this period, as you deserve to live a healthy life, and your grieving will easier to manage as well.

Self-Care is Vital

Caring for yourself helps you through your grief and making this transition easier for you and your family and friends. Here are some self-care suggestions you might make use of:

Connect With Others

Sometimes processing your loss with those you know and trust is a helpful way to grieve. You might turn to family members who knew the veteran, or you might connect with a counselor or therapist. In some cases, it might be helpful to talk about the legacy of your veteran with those they served with. Your loved one may have been a part of a VFW or American Legion chapter. In these cases, meeting with these groups may help you contextualize your veteran’s service or their connection to their comrades.

Make Diet, Exercise, and Sleep a Priority
In times of loss, it can be easy to not feel hungry or tired. You might skip meals or trips to the gym, and instead choose to sit and think about your loss. In periods of stress like these, it’s more important than ever to offer your body the energy it needs to stay healthy. Good nutrition can help you feel physically and mentally better. Exercise is a great way to rid your body of stress and process your emotions. A decent night’s sleep helps you feel alert, awake, and more capable of exploring your feelings.

Find Help in Faith

For some, spiritual and religious beliefs help them deal with immense loss. Turning to prayer or attending a religious service may help to make sense of your feelings and experience of loss. Further, these beliefs also connect you with a support network of people who want to help you through this challenging moment.



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