According to the Department of Veteran Affairs, more than 12.4 million of our nation’s veterans were 65 or older in 2012. That’s a sizeable number of veterans who, as age and time take their toll, will experience a different set of needs than the young service member who recently separated. For example, an older veteran is more likely to be concerned with finances and medical care where a younger veteran may be more focused on claiming education benefits. Thankfully, the Department of Veteran Affairs recognizes these different needs our senior veterans face, whether it’s healthcare or living accommodations. If you or a loved one is a veteran over 65 years old, there are several veterans services and benefits that may offer the additional support you are looking for.


Veteran Services For All Ages

Home Loan Help

While it’s not a service limited strictly to seniors, it’s always important to remember some of the basic veteran benefits—in this case, specifically, the benefits available to veterans to help with home ownership. Often, the effects of aging mean that staying in the same home as you age can become too much of a hardship or just is not feasible at all, due to health concerns. Whether you’re ready to downsize, make a move to be closer to a family member, or find a home that offers better mobility, a VA home loan can help you make that transition to the right home for this stage of life. Or, if a new home isn’t necessary now, get help from the VA when it’s time to refinance your mortgage and see if you can save some money.


Life & Health Insurance

As you age, ensure you and your family are protected from unexpected expenses that may come. Unfortunately, medical and funeral costs can be a heavy burden. With the right life insurance, you can help protect your loved ones from taking on that financial burden. In addition, it’s impossible to know some health concerns are coming, but age often comes with an increase in medical needs. As veterans, it can often be difficult to find either life or health insurance coverage that doesn’t come at exorbitant premiums because of existing health conditions. With the VA’s services, you can ensure you’re appropriately prepared to receive the coverage you may need as you age without a heavy financial burden.

Senior-Specific Veteran Services

Geriatric Care & Assisted Living

By and large, the veteran services available specifically for the elderly center on health care and living accommodations, as these are usually the largest needs for assistance. The Department of Veteran Affairs website offers a collection of different senior-specific veteran services and resources collected in one place. These services include everything from information to connections in regards to those services seniors most often need. This includes things like information on choosing long term care facilities, receiving a pension, community-based geriatric services, home healthcare options, and more. There are resources available to help you sort out which living situation will be most beneficial as you age, whether that means hiring an in-home healthcare aide or moving into an assisted living facility, as well as resources designed to help you and your loved ones deal with the financial burdens that can come with that extra level of care.


Aid and Assistance Pension

Paying for assisted living or in-home healthcare services can easily become costly, and for seniors living off of retirement pay and pensions, that extra expense could be too much of a burden. This is where the Aid and Assistance Pension comes in. Veterans who are eligible for the Veterans Pension, or survivor spouses and family member eligible for the Survivors Pension, may be eligible for additional funding assistance in the form of the Aid and Assistance Pension. This pension program is specifically for those who are homebound or in an assisted living facility and need extra care in order to go through daily processes. This can include assistance for day-to-day things like bathing, dressing, and eating and so on. The Aid and Assistance Pension is designed to be an added benefit that supports the Veterans or Survivors Pension and helps defray the additional cost for care.


If you or a loved one needs help wading through the minutiae of VA documents and qualifications to apply for veteran services, let the Patriot Angels team help. We are here to be your advocates with the VA. Contact us today to get started with your application for the Veterans Pension and/or Aid and Assistance!