Medical care of any kind can be expensive. But as the degree to which an individual needs care increases, or the amount of time they spend in care grows longer, those medical bills can quickly add up. This is a troubling issue, especially for ailing veterans who might lack the funds to pay for their care. Fortunately, there are veteran services like the Aid and Attendance Pension that can help. Patriot Angels helps veterans claim this pension to offset their care costs. We are often asked about how the Aid and Attendance Pension affects their other benefits and plans, and vice versa. We’ll cover how this pension interacts with other policies and support programs.

Social Security And The Aid And Attendance Pension

Social Security can be collected at the same time that an eligible veteran can collect the VA Aid and Attendance Pension. Neither financial benefit affects the other because Social Security payments are included in the financial eligibility of the veteran when they first apply for the Aid and Attendance Pension. In general, anytime you receive Social Security disability benefits, your veterans disability compensation benefits like the Aid and Attendance Pension will not be affected or subject to decreases. The way the Aid and Attendance Pension is structured ensures that your Social Security payments are not affected.

Medicaid And The Aid And Attendance Pension

While Social Security isn’t affected by the Aid and Attendance Pension, the answer isn’t as clear-cut when it comes to Medicaid. With Medicaid, the Federal Government is paying for your care, unlike Social Security, which you paid money into. Because Medicaid is a Federal relief program, the VA will not let you receive the full amount of Aid and Attendance Pension funds. However, if you are currently on Medicaid, it does not preclude you from applying for, and receiving additional funds from the Aid and Attendance Pension. Unfortunately, the funds you receive from the Pension while on Medicaid are often quite small, and have to be used on specific care items, like soap, shampoo, and other hygiene products.

It’s in your best interest to determine which care program will help you the most. If you or a veteran requires long-term nursing home care, Medicaid is likely the better option. However, if you or a veteran requite home care or need to be in an assisted living situation, the VA Aid and Attendance Pension is a safer choice. In some cases, the amount of assistance received through the Pension exceeds the maximum monthly limit of income to receive Medicaid.

Other VA Benefits And The Aid And Attendance Pension

There are conflicts in eligibility when it comes to claiming both the Pension and other VA benefits. Veterans cannot get the Pension and VA disability compensation. However, they will eligible to collect the larger benefit of the two.

For families of veterans, or veterans themselves, who are struggling to cover the costs of long-term in-home care, there is help. Patriot Angels specializes in assisting people with their applications for the Aid and Attendance Pension. Connect with us today to see how we can help you.

For more information about the Aid and Attendance Pension, please read through our Frequently Asked Questions page, as well as our pages on eligibility requirements and what the Pension funds can be used for.