Through the help of Patriot Angels, you’ve filled out the VA Aid and Attendance application to help your veteran get the pension they need to cover their long-term care costs. But death is an inevitable part of life, and being prepared for it can ease some of the emotional burdens it brings. Your veteran is entitled to a variety of benefits that can reduce the costs associated with their passing.

Burial In A National Cemetery

Our veterans served alongside some of the finest our country has to offer. It is fitting that they should be laid to rest among the same. The United States maintains 135 national cemeteries in which to inter your deceased loved one. This includes the long-term care of the grave site and the grounds surrounding. Additionally, many states offer similar burial benefits in their state cemeteries.

Burial Allowance

The VA provides a cash allowance to a veteran’s family to help defer the costs surrounding burial and funeral services. The amount the VA pays is dependant on whether the death was related to the veteran’s service, or if the veteran was in a VA hospital at the time of death. Service-related deaths can receive an allowance of up to $2000, while non-service related deaths will receive up to $3,000. For veterans who pass in a VA hospital, the VA will pay $762 toward a burial allowance, and an additional $762 for a plot.

Headstone Provided At No Cost

A government headstone can be provided at no charge to any deceased, eligible veteran. This gravestone can be placed in any cemetery around the world, and it does not matter their date of death. The headstones are inscribed based on the information that the next of kin provides, or based on information gathered from a representative. Markers can be made from granite, bronze, or marble.

Burial Flag

If requested, the VA can furnish a flag used to drape across the casket, or urn of the deceased. The flag serves to honor the memory of the veteran’s service to their country. The flag is available to any veteran who left military service under any discharge other than dishonorable. The flag will then be folded and presented to a next-of-kin to act as a memento and a token of gratitude.

Other Burial Arrangements

Should you choose not to bury your veteran in a national cemetery, and elect to use a private cemetery, the VA still offers help. The VA can provide a headstone, marker or medallion that states their information and service branch. A burial flag is provided at the ceremony and a Presidential Memorial Certificate that recognizes the service your veteran gave to a grateful nation.

Paying Your Respects

When you’ve lost your loved one you shouldn’t have to worry about how much it is going to cost you. VA death benefits can help to ease the financial stress of a funeral or burial service. We at Patriot Angels are committed to helping you care for your veteran at any stage. We can help you navigate the VA Aid and Attendance Application to receive pension aid for their care.