At Patriot Angels, we understand that working with the VA is a stressful experience. Their website is difficult to navigate, and calling them sometimes doesn’t yield the answers you were looking for. As a result, veterans might go back to their lives as civilians unaware of the benefits their service earned them.  Here at Patriot Angels, we want you to know how to navigate the Aid and Attendance application, as well as take advantage of the benefits you’ve earned.

Free Passes Into National Parks And Federal Recreation Lands

In 1864, at the height of the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln quietly signed into creation Yosemite Valley Park “upon the express conditions that the premises shall be held for public use, resort and recreation.” Leading conservationists at the time believed that recreating in nature would be beneficial for the soldiers and sailors who were fighting in the Civil War. And since then, our public lands have served as ideal places for recreation in the physical and mental sense. As a veteran, you have a free pass to our nation’s public lands. Just show a valid military ID, and enjoy all that our National Parks, National Forests and other public lands to offer.

Free Tax Preparation

Unless you studied tax, no one really likes doing their taxes every year. As a veteran, you’re entitled to free tax help through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program. This IRS offered program is available both on and off military bases. VITA clinics are staffed by friendly and professional volunteers who are trained on the peculiarities of military tax issues. At a VITA clinic, you can learn more about combat zone tax benefits, get extensions on your filing time, and the rules for the Earned Income Tax Credits.

VA Foreclosed Homes 

Sometimes a home purchased with a VA loan goes into foreclosure. The result is that the VA owns a property that they can sell to you. As an added incentive, these homes are often discounted to sell quickly to those who qualify for a VA home loan. Using a VA home loan to purchase one of these foreclosed homes comes with a host of benefits, including no private mortgage insurance, and zero money down for conforming loan limits. If you’re looking for a new home, this might be an affordable option for you.

Aid And Attendance Pension

If you’re familiar with the work we do at Patriot Angels, you’re at least passingly familiar with the Aid and Attendance Pension. The Veterans Aid and Attendance pension was established to provide funding to reduce the cost of care for veterans and their surviving spouses. This pension can mitigate the costs of care for those who require another person to assist them with their everyday lives and activities.

Take Advantage Of Your Benefits

While the VA can be a stressful organization to work with, they are ultimately there to help you live your best life after your service has ended. Programs like VITA, and recreational opportunities like free passes into public lands are great ways to reduce stress in your life. But when life seems to be getting the best of you, and you need a little extra help, contact Patriot Angels today. We can walk you through the Aid and Attendance application to ensure you get the help you deserve.