When you’ve left the military, there’s a lot to keep track of and navigate. There’s paperwork, traveling home, and starting your new life as a civilian again. One of the things you’ll have to learn about is the Department of Veterans Affairs and the claims process. As a veteran, you are entitled to benefits that are meant to make your life post-service more comfortable. Today, Patriot Angels will go over some of the most common VA claims, so you can better understand this system.

Understanding The Types Of Claims

Claims can be filed for a variety of forms of disability compensation. These disabilities can be sustained during service, appeared after service, or existed prior to serving and were aggravated by service. In some cases, claims for compensation can be filed for special cases. So what do these claims look like?

Pre-Discharge Claims

If you are nearing the end of your service, and you have sustained some form of injury or disability during your military tenure, you can file a pre-discharge claim. This should be done within at least 180 days of your separation from the military. Both active duty and full-time National Guard service members may file a pre-discharge claim for disability compensation.

Pre-Service Disabilities Claims

In some cases, an individual may enter into military service unaware of an existing disability. If this disability is exacerbated by your military service, you may be entitled to a form of VA compensation benefits. For instance, if you have an existing condition that is rated at 10 percent disabling, and your disability is worsened over the course of your service, it might now leave you 20 percent disabled. You would be compensated on this disability percentage.

In-Service Disabilities Claims

If you are injured, sickened, or disabled while in the line of duty, or as an active service member, you entitled to file for disability compensation benefits. However, if you injure yourself, or catch a disease as part of your own misconduct or abuse of impairing substances, like drugs and alcohol, you are not able to file a claim for VA benefits.

Post-Service Disabilities Claims

A post-service disabilities claim is used for disabilities that are service related and arise after the veteran has completed their service. There are a variety of disabilities that can fall within this category, and in many cases, where and when you served can lead to a host of injuries, illnesses, and disabilities. In these cases, you can file a claim with the VA for compensation benefits.

Special Circumstances Claims

In some cases, you can file claims for disabilities that are based on a service-related event. In these cases, a disability may have been determined to be service connected, but the veteran may choose to file for other forms of benefits. This might be something like a claim for a temporary 100 percent disability rating while a surgeon is performed to address an in-service disability. It might also be the need for aid and attendance to provide long-term care for a veteran or his beneficiaries.

If you’re struggling with the VA Aid and Attendance qualifications, and need help filing a claim for these benefits, contact Patriot Angels. We’re experts in this area of VA claims and are ready to help you get the support you need. Contact us today.