There is an abundance of different veteran services and benefits available to those who have served our country. Unfortunately, they can be hard to benefit from if you don’t know what they are. There is an abundance of information on the Department of Veteran Affairs website, but it’s not necessarily known for being the easiest site to navigate. You could ask, the next time you’re at your nearest VA regional office, but that may not be any better than wading through the complex content on their website. At Patriot Angels, our mission is to help our nation’s veterans find VA benefits and get connected with the best benefits and services for your situation. We don’t sell products; we just work as your advocates with the VA to help you through the application process. We specialize in helping veterans apply and receive the Aid and Attendance Pension, but there are other VA benefits you could also be eligible for.


Finding VA Benefits

The VA offers a range of different benefit options to help with many of the most prevalent aspects of life and changes that occur over time. There are services and benefits for veterans made to help with everything from continuing education to financing a home. Many of the veterans services and benefits offered by the VA will depend on where you are in life; there are benefits available for life or for extended periods, while others will be beneficial for a couple of years. Part of what makes finding the right VA benefits difficult is how dependent they are on your life and circumstances for eligibility. Here are a few of the broad categories of VA benefits and the sorts of help you can find:


Education and Training

Especially today, with the rising cost of a university degree program, more and more people are joining the military for the education benefits that come from services. The most popular of these benefits is the GI Bill, but there are additional veterans services and benefits available, such as career counseling or vocational rehabilitation and counseling.


Insurance and Loans

Once you separate or retire, that automatic enrollment in SGLI will need to be changed. Through the VA, you can opt to switch over to Veterans Group Life Insurance as well as find life insurance options for family coverage and service-disabled veterans. Since life insurance without exorbitant rates can be hard to find for veterans with health issues, it’s definitely important to remember to check your benefits and transfer them over while you can.


There also a few different options for a major life event that most of us experience, home ownership. Whether you’re looking to buy your first home or refinance a mortgage, the VA offers benefits for veterans and their families to help with the costs of home ownership. There are even home grants for veterans who need home modifications to help with accessibility.

Health Care

Dealing with Tricare can occasionally be frustrating, but it’s often better than publicly available health care options. The VA offers plenty of resources and benefits to help you take care of your health, get help for current or ongoing health issues or disability concerns, and even get healthcare help for spouses and dependents.


Financial Benefits

In certain circumstances, particularly those in which a veteran has a service-related disability, the costs of living are higher than average and will remain thus, likely for life. There are a plethora of difference compensations and benefits to help defray the costs of a service-related disability, for hospitalization of a veteran lasting more than 21 days, for a period of convalescence after a surgery, and so on. These benefits also include the Veterans Pension and Survivors Pension, which help low-income veterans and their families with the cost of living.


Aid and Attendance

Particularly for veterans and surviving spouses above retirement age, assisted living and in-home care can be a necessity—unfortunately, an expensive one. One of the most helpful VA benefits for this is the Aid and Attendance Pension, which helps defray these costs. If you’re looking for help paying for care for a veteran who needs regular assistance, contact the Patriot Angels team today to see how we can help you apply for this VA benefit.