July is easily one of the most patriotic months of the year. With summer in full swing and 4th of July opening the month with a bang, it’s hard not to feel love for your country. It’s also a great time to be more active in supporting our veteran communities. While there is often a burst of enthusiasm for supporting these groups around Veterans Day and Memorial Day, the reality is, our veterans need support all year long. Patriot Angels has found a way to help our veterans every day by helping them navigate the VA Aid and Attendance qualifications process to get the care they need. But you can help in other ways too. In this blog, we’ll lay out a few ways you can support our veterans.

Take The Time To Listen

In a previous blog, we outlined the best way to conduct an oral history interview with veterans. Many veterans want to share their experiences with their friends and families, but often don’t know the best way to do so. Having a set of guided questions can help them put their thoughts into words and process their service. And in more informal settings, when a veteran wants to discuss their experiences, take the time to listen. Combat is an extremely stressful experience and some service members might better rationalize their experiences by speaking about them. For others, they might want to share the sense of pride and achievement they felt during their military service. In any case, it’s best to let them say their piece and to ask good follow up questions.

Support A Veteran Friendly Business

By being a discerning shopper, you can support businesses that in turn support our veterans. In 2014, Business Insider published a list of 100 companies that go out of their way to hire, train, and employ military veterans. Many of these same companies have programs within their businesses that allow customers to donate money, materials, and volunteer time to veterans and their families. By working with and purchasing goods and services from these businesses, you’re ensuring that veterans are offered gainful employment and can continue to serve their communities.

Send A Care Package

For active duty members who are overseas or for service members who have recently left the military, there are few things more enjoyable than receiving a care package. You can rally your friends and family to fill a box with notes of appreciation, treats, fresh socks, and more. Organizations like Operation Gratitude have helped to send more than two million care packages to service members all over the world. These groups often include a suggested packing list that includes suggestions of what service members most often request, like sunscreen, lip balm, and new books.

There are many more ways to support the veterans in your community, and we’ll discuss those in a future blog. Until then, if you’re looking to take care of a loved one, or are in need of more care yourself, contact Patriot Angels today. As the leading expert in the VA Aid and Attendance program, we can ensure that you meet the qualifications and apply for the program. Get the care you and your loved ones need, and contact our specialists today.