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We are here to help and guide you too. As a U.S. wartime hero and/or surviving spouse, this is a huge benefit to you and your care taking family.

Help with your Aid & Attendance Benefit


Patriot Angels’ CEO, Suzette Graham, and her team of advocates are exclusively devoted to helping Veterans, with no additional sales of financial products, low-interest loans, or fee-based consulting; we have developed a process that leverages the shortcomings and vast bureaucracies of the administration in order to help Veterans and their loved ones receive the VA’s Aid and Attendance benefit. Under the supervision of VA accredited attorneys, our Veterans are provided with pre-planning guidance per your family’s specific circumstances.


Imagine in your retirement years, being well cared for and not being burdened by the added costs and expenses of senior living. You deserve being honored for the service you gave while protecting America. Let Patriot Angels help you to a better life.

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“Patriot Angels made it possible to provide my father with the care he needed. Without their assistance, we might still be waiting to hear word from the VA about whether or not my father qualified for a pension. They encouraged us and made us feel like we weren’t alone. I don’t use these words often, but the work Patriot Angels did for us felt like an extension of God’s grace to us, like a tool in His hand. How very grateful we are.”

– Sarah Wall

Daughter of Nicholas J. Sevarino

Army Paratrooper and Sharpshooter Vietnam War