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Veterans with a service-related disability can qualify for a monthly tax-free VA Disability Compensation benefit ranging from $133 to over $3,649 every month.

You could be paid more if:

  • you have very serious disabilities or loss of limb(s)
  • you have a spouse, child(ren), or dependent parent(s)
  • you have a seriously disabled spouse
  • you are considered unemployable due to your disability

How To Apply For VA Disability Compensation

For the fastest service you should apply online through the VA.GOV website, you should submit supporting documents with your claim for benefits. You should send the VA copies of medical evidence (both military and civilian), your discharge paperwork, and anything else you may think is necessary. Remember, you can never provide the VA too much information!

Special Monthly Compensation

Special Monthly Compensation (SMC) is paid in addition to the regular VA Disability Compensation. It is normally limited to verterans who suffered the loss or loss of use of certain organs or extremities. For details, check out this page from the VA.

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